Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Case Of Said Elnashaie

The spectacular sacking of Dr. Said Elnashaie, a Distinguished Professor at Penn State University, Pennsylvania, USA gave rise to a lot of speculation. Our team decided to follow this unexpected news and came up with some rather surprising and in fact deeply disturbing information. Dr. Said Elnashaie was born in Egypt in 1947; he attended Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering and became a Chemical Engineer and subsequently obtained a Master’s degree from University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and then a Ph.D. from Edinburgh, Scotland. Said Elnashaie is no foreign to problems. He is a highly controversial personality. During his student years and in the time of President Nasser of Egypt he was dismissed from Cairo University for inducing violence and throwing stone at the police. During the time of Sadat, he led a group opposing renormalization of relations with Israel and is said to have imported small firearms via his then Irish spouse. Finally and not surprisingly, this extreme left wing personality belonged for many years to the forbidden hardcore Egyptian Communist Party. Both he and his wife, Dr. Shadia El Shishini were indicted by the Egyptian State Prosecution for two criminal counts of forgery and theft on 3 January 2004, Case no. 2294 for the year 2003 by 6 October Criminal Court. They stole a considerable amount of money from Said Elnashaie’s mother who died during this episode. Said Elnashaie defected to the USA about 9 years ago but his wife Shadia was arrested and served a sentence in the woman’s prison in Qanater, Egypt. Dr. Said was sentenced to two years hard labor in absentia. Strangely and within very mysterious circumstances, Dr. Shadia El Shishini was released from prison and her sentence was revoked for lack of sufficient evidence. However Dr. Said Elnashaie was arrested and given a suspended sentence of one year of hard labor by Giza Criminal Court on 16 December 2007, Public Prosecution Lawsuit no 2294 for the year 2003. We were told by the authorities at Penn State University that Prof. Said Elnashaie had to be dismissed, first because of his criminal record and second because he lied about it. Prof. Said Elnashie had a checkered career which led him to be employed and then dismissed by many universities: First, Auburn University, Alabama; second: University of British Columbia, BC, Canada, in addition to the University of Petroleum and Minerals in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and El Ain University in the United Arab Emirates.
That is the real reason behind the dismissal of Dr. Said Elnashaie. There have been many hints concerning his mental stability because he was in treatment in England in connection with schizophrenic paranoia. Our team was all the more surprised to learn that despite of all the above history, Dr. Said has been made Dean of Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology at the University of Sinai, Sinai, Egypt. This appointment was deplored by many who fear the influence of such a character on the academic environment in which students are learning. If all of the above is accurate, then this would be once more an argument in the arsenal of those in the Arab world and particularly in Egypt who oppose private universities in Egypt.


  1. Unbeleivable but true. I heard about this story and I am quite shocked to know that people with such credentials have the ability to commit such crimes. We all must insist that those who teach our children should have high moral integrity. If this is not the case then I think we are heading for trouble. We ask our academic institutions to make sure that they dont entrust people with such a history like Prof. Said Elnashaie continue to be in this profession. It is a real disgrace that people with such a criminal record continue to enjoy all the privileges of decent citizens and academicians.

  2. I heard about Said Salah Eldin Hamed Elnashaie. His real name is not Elnashaie. He just added this last surname to suit his purposes. He was trouble from the word GO. He was kicked from Cairo University several times. He was married to an Irish girl and there was some episode involved importing illegal articles into Egypt. He divorced his Irish wife and married an infamous salon communist Shadia El Sheshiny. She had two children from previous marriage - Hecham Fadil and Jehan Fadil, a third class actress. Shadia El Sheshiny has a criminal brother. The police is continuously looking out for Shadia El Sheshiny's brother. I am not astonished that she followed her family tradition and although I dont like Said, I thought that what he has done with his own mother surpasses all what he has done in the past.

  3. You are a fraud. We know that you have forged papers and documents to inherit your mother on her deathbed. What a disgrace. Are you not ashamed of yourself? We in the academic community are ashamed of you and when people ask us if we know about the crime you have done, we nod and say perhaps one day he will repent and ask for forgiveness. But let us tell you this, you are also ungrateful. We know that your brother whom you are attacking everywhere has helped you in your career. We all remember when you were penniless and adopted communism. He took you to Riyadh and gave you shelter and a job. Shame on you Dr. Said Elnashaie.

  4. I add my voice to the recent comment by Mr. Metwally. I am disgusted and appalled by what Said Elnashaie has done. It is beyond belief. He needs to be persecuted.

  5. A well meaning friendAugust 3, 2009 at 3:32 PM

    The story of Said elnashaie is truly tragic. Dr. Said has two distinguished brothers. He comes from a truly distinguished family. His brother Mohamed is an epitome of patriotism, a man who loves his country, family with every drop of his blood. Similarly Amr the distinguished professor and head of the largest earthquake center in the world in the university of Illionois. How could Said drop to this level. I have been talking lately to Dr. Hassan Rateb, the Head of the University of Sinai where Said found a refuge. I spoke also with the President of the University, Dr. Abdul Kader. I do not want to embarrass anybody, but it is clear to me that Said is not well and he needs help. What happened has happened but for the sake of Egypt as a good name of a great family, everyone has to exercise damage limitation. Said was misled by very evil people who smuggled themselves in his vicinity. The name of Al Shishini will ring thousand bells. The name of Jihan
    Fadel, the actress, will do the rest. I call on every Egyptian who feels committed to the reputation of his country and who maybe a friend of Said, Mohamed or Amr to do their best to help Said come back to sanity and heal the rift. I know the damage is horrendeous and maybe it is not the right time but nonetheless it is always the right time to do the right thing.